I have never been to Italy. It’s not even a place that I have strong desire to head to. I do however like Italian motorcycles but my relationship with the Italians is being stretched to the limit. I can’t put my finger on exactly why I like Italian obsession bikes and recent experience has me scratching my head as to why I persist with this relationship.

I currently own an Aprilia (Ariana) which is a great bike. Fast, flamboyant, sings like Pavarotti, looks great, and provides me with pleasures that I never take for granted.

You see my Ariana is sick. Well, not so much sick as just in need of running repairs- like any bike… only different.

Having booked my beloved in for new fork seals and waiting two weeks I called my dealer/ mechanic. Apparently, Ariana is so special that there are no parts for her in the country which means they have to come from Italy. Will be a 2-month wait. WHAT? TWO MONTHS? Can’t we go for after-market? (I was hoping to keep this a secret from her like buying the girlfriend a fake diamond ring) A week later I get the news that aftermarket is not available and that Ariana will be sitting idle for not two but THREE months whilst we wait for parts.

This is intolerable. I love her but she needs to do her part in our relationship and I need a bike. So into the bike market, I step and find myself back looking at Italians. Perhaps it doesn’t feel like cheating on her if I stay looking in the same country.

I have been to Japan, England and even to America in my quest to find the perfect match but the Italian obsession bikes keep drawing me back.

So who knows where this will end but I have a feeling that my Italian love affair will cost me greatly, be frustrating but like any dysfunctional relationship is totally fulfilling in ways that I can’t explain to anyone.


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