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The enjoyment of riding well, being “in the zone”, the people, and the freedom motorcycling gives is a feeling that all riders know. Unfortunately, we rarely unpack with each other what it is exactly that we do. As a result, many skills are taken for granted and not ever improved upon. Next Level Motorcycling starts the conversation, improves techniques and safety, and shares the motorcycling passion because we all want to have MORE FUN! We offer 3 separate workshops.

  • Refresher Street Skills
  • Technical Skills
  • Touring Skills
We insist that all riders complete the Refresher Street Skills workshops. After that, you can choose which other workshop you would like to access. Many riders choose to do the one session multiple times and return each year to meet new people and refresh skills as each session is slightly different.

Bruce Donaldson is the founder of Next Level Motorcycling.

  • Bruce initially had the idea of taking photos of motorcyclists in places like Putty Road and the Old Pacific Highway. Sitting at corners watching riders over a number of months both shocked and concerned him.
  • Bruce then started asking riders if they ever talk to each other about HOW they ride. The answer was almost never.
  • Having had significant experience on bikes himself and being a school teacher of 30 years, working primarily in developing and delivering professional learning to teachers, Bruce realized he was in a unique position to act and Next Level Motorcycling was born.
  • Bruce has over 30 years of road and dirt riding experience and has learned many lessons the hard way.
  • Bruce has a strong belief that you don’t have to learn the hard way but it is important to keep on learning.


RESPECT- Listen with an open mind

RESPONSIBILITY- Ride your own ride

SAFETY- Follow direction

Traditional motorcycle training has the following things in common

  • Track focused and thus voiding most insurances and requiring additional gear
  • Are expensive
  • Track riding focused- street riding requires a different skillset
  • Usually delivered by “expert” track riders ( just cause you can do it doesn’t mean you can teach it )
  • Usually delivered in a “Teacher/ Student” format
  • Larger groups ( typically between 8-10 riders )
  • 35-60 year olds are most likely to have a serious accident or die on motorcycles each year. Most of these are returning riders and most of them do not access further training.
Motorcycle Training Courses in Australia
Advanced Rider Training

Next Level Motorcycling is a new concept in improving enjoyable and safe motorcycling.

  • Focus on road craft in practical real life road environments.
  • Lower-priced- $150 per session 
  • Discussions and ideas for practice and change are assisted by highly trained adult educators who are also highly experienced riders.
  • Encourages rider discussion of riding experiences. 
  • Maximum of 4 bikes in a group.
  • Encourages riders to get to know each other and go riding together afterward

We provide accessible, flexible discussion and practice opportunities in regional Australian areas for riders with a full motorcycle license of more than 2 years


Why choose Next Level Motorcycling?

  • Our facilitators are extremely knowledgeable both in adult education and motorcycling.
  • We encourage people to ride their own ride
  • If you don’t feel comfortable with a technique or activity you don’t have to do it or we can modify activities to suit your level.
  • Next Level Motorcycling is about adding to your toolbox of strategies to apply as you see them fit in real world scenarios. The more strategies you have the more fun and safe motorcycling will be.
  • Each targeted workshop will be different and you are encouraged to build your skills by returning regularly as each time you do you will have more to offer the group. We all benefit when we share our ideas with others. This clarifies our thinking and gets others to consider different possibilities.

Our goal is to make motorcycling more enjoyable and fun for everyone.

We look forward to the opportunity to help you get the most out of riding

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