What Is The Difference Between Rider Training And A Skills Development Workshop?

When you come to one of our rider skills development workshops you will have a different experiences from any motorcycle rider training that you may have done before. Training is delivered by a “trainer” imparting knowledge- like a teacher. A workshop is sharing ideas and techniques.

A workshop has a number of key advantages for adult learning.

A workshop;

  • can be flexible according to the group needs.
  • acknowledges and draws on the experience of individual riders
  • utilises the combined experience of the group- not just one person
  • can happen anywhere and is practical to “real life” riders
  • is more fun

You will be asked to share your opinions and techniques for braking, slow maneuvering, lane filtering, rinding gear, managing traffic, parking, hill starts, and a wide variety of skills required to improve and have more fun.

As you progress through the workshops the topics become more advanced but the sharing experience remains the same. The whole idea is not to offer “training” but to facilitate and share ideas for practice and then put into place the things you like whilst riding out on the road.

It doesn’t matter if you are less confident as we have found that everyone has rider training skills and techniques to contribute to and learn from each other. After which you will be more confident and have more fun on your motorcycle.

I hope that you will make the small investment in time and money to improve your motorcycle riding skills and ultimately HAVE MORE FUN.


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